Phil Rowlands

Living in the Finished work of Jesus Christ

Hello, my friends!

Today I want to dive into what is perhaps the most profound and important question any of us can ask ourselves: “Who am I?” The answer to that inquiry gets to the very core of our identity – the deep essence of our being that shapes how we see ourselves and move through this world.

Sadly, so many Christians receive their identity messaging from all the wrong sources. We look to our achievements or failures, our behaviour, our appearance, the approval or disapproval of others to define our worth and value as people. But as followers of Jesus, those outward things can never be the true wellspring of who we are.

The reality is, our identity is not based on what we do or don't do, how we look, or what others think about us. No, our identity flows from the One to whom we are intimately united – our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ Himself. As Romans 5:12-21 tells us, we have moved from being “in Adam” people, cloaked in sin and death, to becoming “in Christ” people, made brand new creations through His sacrifice.

The Apostle Paul's favourite description for Christians was simply those who are “in Christ.” And understanding this new creation identity is vital for our spiritual health and wellbeing. Why? Because it's not what we do that determines who we are, but knowing who we are that will determine what we do. Our brain, our self-perception, steers the direction of our whole lives. The challenge is that so many of us struggle with having a new Biblical identity, while still operating from an old, toxic mentality about ourselves.

The good news is, we can make this transition from old identity thinking to new identity thinking by renewing our minds according to God's truth. In Romans 6:1-14, Paul lays out four crucial stages for us to walk through in reorienting our minds toward our true identity in Christ:

1) Know the Truth (Romans 6:3-4)

First, we must know and understand that through our spiritual union with Christ, we have died to the old identity we had in Adam. We have been raised up as brand new creations, with a totally new identity rooted in who Christ is. As Jesus said, “The truth will set you free.” Satan's only power is deception – keeping us in bondage by believing lies about ourselves. We don't need a supernatural power encounter, but a truth encounter to open our eyes.

2) Believe It (Romans 6:8)

Knowing the truth intellectually isn't enough though. We must choose to believe this new reality about ourselves is true, even when it doesn't feel true. Some Christians struggle because they are “unbelieving believers” – they confess the truth with their mouths but don't fully embrace it in their hearts. But believing precedes receiving.

3) Reckon It So (Romans 6:11)

To “reckon” means to consider something as true, and relate to it accordingly. It means we consciously conclude that our new creation identity in Christ is reality, and we choose to live like that is the case – even if our thoughts, feelings and circumstances seem to deny it at times.

4) Present Yourself (Romans 6:13)

Finally, we are called to actively present ourselves to God – offering up the members of our physical bodies as instruments of righteousness in service to Him. We have a brand new nature dwelling within our old bodily “tent.” Where we used to obey the sinful impulses of the flesh, we can now choose to operate from our renewed, Spirit-led selves as God's very own sons and daughters.

Friends, when we embrace these truths and realign our self-perception around who we truly are in Christ, it's deeply transformative in the most profound of ways. We are not defined by our past sins, failures, shortcomings or shame. We are brand new creations whose identity flows from being united with the God who knit us together, walked this earth, died and rose again just to reconcile us to Himself and give us His righteousness as a free gift.

You are loved. You are valuable. You are complete. You are victorious. You are more than a conqueror. Why? Not because of anything you did, but because of everything Jesus did for you at the cross. He took your old sinful identity upon Himself so that you could receive His perfect, holy identity as a beloved child of God.

I know from personal experience how easy it is to slip back into old patterns of toxic self-hatred or feelings of unworthiness. Trust me, I've struggled mightily with insecurity, depression, and viewing myself through the distorted lens of past mistakes. But just a gentle whisper from the Father – just a single glimpse of who He says I am in Christ – shatters those lies and realigns my mind once more.

We don't have to stay stuck in the quicksand of our old Adamic identity. We can celebrate the finished work of the cross, and joyfully receive the new life and inheritance Jesus purchased for us at such a great cost. We are brand new creations, with transformed hearts and minds to walk in the good works God has prepared in advance for each of us.

So let this timeless truth sink in today, dear friends. You are His treasured possession, the apple of His eye, a royal priesthood, a holy nation set apart for His glory. Christ in you, the hope of glory! Your value is not dictated by anything in this temporal world, but by the eternal reality that you are in Christ, and He is in you. What could be more wonderful than that?

Press on in renewing your mind to line up with this liberating truth. Ask the Holy Spirit to give you fresh revelation and insight into the unsearchable riches that are yours in Him. Thank Him for covering you in His unshakable, unwavering love and affirmation as your perfect heavenly Father. And rejoice, because your true identity rests secure in Christ alone.


Hello, my friends!

I've been doing a lot of pondering lately on the staggering truth of our righteousness in Christ. It's one of those concepts that can so easily become an intellectual theological idea rather than the mind-blowing, life-transforming reality it truly is. But when we grab hold of this with renewed wonder, everything changes!

The Scriptures make it abundantly clear – those who receive the “abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness will reign in life through the One, Jesus Christ” (Romans 5:17). Do you hear the richness in those words? We aren't earning or attaining righteousness through our efforts. No, it is an extravagant gift lavished upon us by the overflowing grace of God! And wrapped up in this precious package is the ability to reign victoriously in this life we've been given.

Yet if we're honest, so many of us live spiritually impoverished lives, as if perpetually in a famine of grace. We strive and toil, believing the deceptive myth that our behaviour and performance qualifies or disqualifies us from the blessings of God. But friends, this is the exact mindset Satan aims to keep us trapped in – ignorant of the truths of righteousness and grace. For when we remain blind to these realities, we are essentially rendered powerless, living life from a deficit rather than abundantly receiving our divine inheritance in Christ.

The apostle Paul goes to great lengths to demolish this defeatist thinking by pointing us to the ultimate example of Abraham. He calls him the “father of us all” (Romans 4:16) precisely because Abraham got the most critical thing right – he had a revelation of God's way of righteousness through Jesus! You see, God preached the gospel to Abraham beforehand, telling him that through his future “Seed” (Christ), all nations would be blessed with righteousness (Galatians 3:8).

Jesus Himself confirmed this when speaking to the Jews, “Your father Abraham rejoiced to see My day, and he saw it and was glad” (John 8:56). Can you imagine having a friend who gets so euphoric at the very thought of you coming over? That's the kind of explosive joy Abraham experienced as he looked ahead to the coming of His promised Messiah!

You and I have believed that same gospel Abraham heard and celebrated. By faith in the finished work of Christ, just like our father Abraham, righteousness has been credited, imputed, and lavishly imparted to us as a gift (Romans 4:3). We didn't earn it through religious resume-building. We simply received the good news, and in that moment, righteousness flooded our spiritual checking account!

This truth is foundational to our entire relationship with God. Righteousness qualifies us to receive every blessing, every promise, every precious inheritance our Father has in store. Which is why Satan wars so fiercely against this doctrine – because he knows it obliterates every lie and unlocks the floodgates of Heaven over our lives.

At the heart of righteousness is what’s often called The Great Exchange. As 2 Corinthians 5:21 puts it, “He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him.” Can you see the transaction that has taken place? Jesus, who was perfectly innocent and righteous, had our sins imputed, credited, and transferred to Him on the cross. Every foul offense, every missing of the mark, even sins we've not yet committed – all were heaped upon the spotless Son of God and judged in full.

Meanwhile, in this glorious exchange, His perfect record of obedience and righteousness was imputed and credited to our spiritual account! No longer are we seen through the lens of our mistakes and flaws. From Heaven's perspective, we are the very righteousness of God by virtue of our co-union with Christ. We don't behave into this; we believe into it!

This was the ignorance Paul lamented over the Jews (Romans 10:3) – their lack of understanding that righteousness comes by grace through faith in Jesus, not by prideful self-effort in keeping rules. They spurned God's free gift and tried to “establish their own righteousness” which amounted to filthy rags compared to the gift of Christ's perfect obedience. So many believers sadly remain trapped in this same delusion.

But for those who embrace righteousness through Jesus, everything changes! There is a massive difference between innocence and righteousness. When an innocent person sins, their sin is imputed, reckoned to their record. But when a righteous person sins, when you and I as blood-bought children of God stumble and miss the mark, our sin is not imputed to us! No, it was already imputed to Christ on the cross. As Hebrews 8:12 gloriously declares, God has chosen to be “merciful to our iniquities and remember our sins no more.”

That's why, even after Abraham's embarrassing half-truth about Sarah being his sister, God was still able to bless him abundantly (Genesis 12-13). It's why when Abraham slipped up again in essentially the same way with Abimelech, God came with a warning, yes, but also a word that Abraham was still being blessed and protected because of his righteousness through faith in the promised Seed (Genesis 20).

You see, God was not relating to Abraham on the basis of his behaviour, as troubling as it was at times. No, He was blessing him and favouring him on the basis of righteousness – not Abraham's own, but the righteousness credited to him through the gospel of grace! This was God's heart from the very beginning – to have a people who could reign in life, not through their own piety or resume-padding, but through the abundance of His grace and our gift of righteousness in Christ Jesus.

So, my precious friends, I implore you today – leave behind the exhausting delusion that blessing is earned through your efforts or forfeited because of your failures. Receive by faith the gift of righteousness, established by the obedience and shed blood of Jesus Himself! Yes, choose daily to walk in humble repentance, submitting your will to His Lordship. But never negate the grace by which you stand, fully justified and righteous in His sight as you remain spiritually united with your Lord and Saviour.

It's time for the people of God to unapologetically reign in life without the constant drag of guilt, shame, and religious striving. You are forgiven. You are made eternally righteous through the Righteous One. And in Him Heaven's abundance – spiritual, relational, financial, and every other blessing are made manifest in your life. Reign in grace, my friends. Reign through the righteousness which is yours by gift, not merit. Let this be the cry and reality of a generation encountering our Redeemer, just as our father Abraham did so long ago!


Hello, my friends!

I was reflecting this morning on the profound significance of foundations – those unseen but oh-so crucial elements that everything is built upon. Whether we're talking about the foundations of a building, a relationship, or a life, the foundations determine the stability, integrity and shape of what will be constructed.

This truth is just as applicable to the church as the body of Christ as it is to physical structures. The church has been established on apostolic foundations, as the Scripture tells us in Ephesians 2:20 – “having been built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Christ Jesus Himself being the cornerstone.”

Can you imagine trying to build a house on unstable, shifting ground? Or worse yet, on no foundation at all? It would be utterly foolish – the whole structure would be incredibly fragile and at immense risk of collapse. Yet so often in our spiritual lives, we attempt to construct our faith without being firmly rooted and grounded in the apostolic doctrine laid down as the foundational teachings of the church.

The apostles were hand-trained by Jesus Himself over the course of three transformative years. He poured His very heart and life into these humble men, birthing them into an astounding new reality as His ambassadors and the foundation layers for His soon-coming church. The teachings they received from the Master became known as “the apostles' doctrine” – the bedrock truths upon which all of Christianity would be established.

This is why the apostle Paul was so adamant about only building according to this doctrinal pattern. As he wrote to the Corinthians, “According to the grace of God, which was given to me, like a wise master builder I laid a foundation, and another is building on it. But each man must be careful how he builds on it. For no man can lay a foundation other than the one which is laid, which is Jesus Christ” (1 Corinthians 3:10-11).

Jesus was the chief cornerstone, but the apostles had the privilege of being the master architects who received direct blueprints from the Lord on how His church was to be constructed. Paul in particular was given profound insight as the apostle to the Gentiles. He even referred to the apostolic doctrine as a “form” into which believers are poured and shaped.

To the Romans, he explained, “You became obedient from the heart to that form of teaching to which you were committed” (Romans 6:17). This form, this mold, this shaping foundation, contained indispensable truths for every follower of Jesus to embrace and build their life upon. It was the new “form” of relationship with God under the new covenant, in contrast to the old “form” of relating through the law.

As Paul described, “We were held captive under the law...but now we have been released from the law, having died to that by which we were bound, so that we serve in newness of the Spirit and not in oldness of the letter” (Romans 7:6). The old covenant form of knowledge shaped by the law has given way to the new covenant mold into which our lives are poured – the apostolic doctrine established on the gospel truths of our co-death, co-burial, and co-resurrection in Christ.

When we truly comprehend and build our lives on these apostolic foundations, everything changes. We experience the finality of Jesus' death being our death to sin, the power of His resurrection life pulsing within us. This, my friends, is the authentic Christian life – fashioned and shaped by the “pattern of sound words” repeatedly taught by Paul and the other apostles.

Terms like “righteousness,” “in Christ,” “grace,” “faith,” “new creation,” “eternal life” – these were more than just spiritual vocabulary for the apostles. They were visceral realities, transferring flesh-and-blood substance from the heart of God into the core of their teaching. As Paul instructed Timothy, “Retain the standard of sound words which you have heard from me” (2 Timothy 1:13). Our lives are quite literally moulded by the contours of this healthy, life-giving doctrine.

Tragically, so many believers today have been shaped not by this apostolic pattern but by the “form of the doctrines of men” as Paul warned against in Colossians 2:8. We absorb the unsound words and toxic terminology so prevalent in the Christian subculture and religious environment around us. Lingo about “making a decision,” “sowing seeds for a harvest,” “breaking through,” “paying the price,” “deliverance” and so on – while not inherently wrong, these phrases completely bypass the apostolic pattern.  They are foreign to the gospel worldview and can so easily conjure up fleshly, works-based mind-sets about the Christian life.

This is why Paul was so strategic and intentional in passing on the pure apostolic doctrine to faithful, grounded leaders like Timothy and Titus. He didn't just cast these truths to the masses. No, first he would lay the foundations deep into the souls of proven disciples who could then be entrusted to “teach others also” (2 Timothy 2:2). To Titus, he emphasized that an elder “must hold firmly to the trustworthy message as it has been taught, so that he can encourage others by sound doctrine and refute those who oppose it” (Titus 1:9).

Do you see, my friends? Those who lead, teach, and disciple others must themselves be firmly rooted and shaped by the apostolic foundations. Otherwise, we perpetuate generation after generation of those “tossed here and there by waves and carried about by every wind of doctrine” (Ephesians 4:14). We spread an unsound, diseased form of Christianity built on the shaky, turbulent ground of man's inferior teachings rather than God's authoritative pattern.

Paul's words ring out with urgency: “For no man can lay a foundation other than the one which is laid, which is Jesus Christ” (1 Cor 3:11). May we be those who humbly receive this foundation into our hearts and minds. May we recalibrate our lives around the beautiful, powerful words of the apostles' doctrine. And may we replicate this pattern by discipling faithful brothers and sisters who can then strengthen others in these eternal truths.

The most important part of the church truly is those things unseen – the foundations upon which everything else rests. Let's be a people solidly grounded in the apostolic gospel and doctrine modelled for us. For when the storms of life rage, these foundations rooted in Christ will ensure we remain unshakable upon the Chief Cornerstone.

Thank you, Lord, for Your incredible wisdom in establishing Your church upon such an indestructible, life-giving foundation. We embrace anew the pattern of trustworthy words handed down from the apostles, allowing them to mold and shape our thinking, our living, our existence. For in doing so, we become steadfastly established in the unshakable reality of co-union with our precious Lord Jesus. Amen.


Hello, my friends!

When we look at the word “hope,” often in secular use, it's a term used to describe something that might happen, like it'll be good if it does happen. But biblically, the word “hope” is far different in its meaning. Hope in Scripture means something is definitely done; it's completed; it's a done deal already. All we are doing when entertaining the use of biblical hope is fully anticipating that which is hoped for coming to fruition.

Our hope is in Christ Jesus, and Him alone. There is nothing to add to that, as everything else is either in Christ for us, or it's not of Christ and therefore not a thing at all—well, not a good thing, not a God thing, not a thing of the spirit, but of the flesh, a carnal thing, a natural thing, nothing marvellous in His eyes or eternal as we are in spirit.

Interestingly, many Christians put their hope in false doctrines, in religion, in persons or people, in particular practices, in traditions, or in worldly outcomes. Sometimes we can have a knowing, you know, like this sense within that something hoped for is a done deal; it's almost tangible. And this is different because it's welling up from the spirit; it's the Lord saying, “I have this for you, and you have hope in it as you know that it's definitely coming.” We can see it and feel it in faith, even though tangibly it hasn't arrived yet. And there is no merit in this; we aren't earning the result of this hope. The hope originates from Christ, and this hope is planted in us for whatever it is in this particular situation.

Believers often put their hope in transactional giving with God. “If I give this to God, God will honour that gift and give me something I wouldn’t be getting if I hadn't entered into this reciprocal arrangement with God.” God is not transactional. Everything He gives us is a gift. We didn't earn it; He loves us, so He gives to us. We can't have hope in prosperity; we can only have hope in Christ because He will never leave us nor forsake us. His gift of life to us is irrevocable; we can have hope in that because it's been delivered and continues to deliver through the flow of the spirit, through our abiding in Christ, through our walking in the spirit.

Our hope in Christ is a bit like a lucky dip; we never know what this hope in Christ is going to translate into other than eternal salvation. Our salvation is assured, but what the weight of all that is intended to be supplied to us as individuals through that hope is, how long is a piece of string? You can't measure it, you can't forecast it, you can't create an equation to calculate the outcome of hope. Our hope is in Christ, and our Father is sovereign, and He blesses according to His measure, and what is that measure? Only He knows.

But what measure can we have hope in then? Well, the measure that God loves you without measure, His grace for you is without measure. We often try to humanise God and bring Him down to our level and look unto Him through human reasoning. And what do you get for such an endeavour? Confusion, that is what you get because His ways are higher than ours; we don't understand His ways, but we do understand that He is a loving and doting Father that leans into our lives through the hope we have with Him and cares for us in a way that only an infinitely loving Father can.

Word of faith teaching and doctrinal untruths will tell you that if you pray hard enough and long enough, you will get what you asked for, and this isn't the case. Very rarely does this meet the pub test in reality, but people keep preaching it and believing in it because, on occasion, God seems to do what someone petitioned Him for. Why is that? Why only sometimes? Well, it's not according to your faith that He does it. It's according to His measure for you, His love for you. He gives us what He knows we need, and what we think we need is often different from what He knows we need. Does this make sense to us in the natural? Well, no, it doesn't. But our faith isn't in outcomes; our faith is in the hope of Jesus Christ, our hope is in our sonship and His Lordship. Our hope is in that our Father in Heaven is a good, good Father, and that is the same today, as yesterday, and tomorrow into eternity. He's always our loving Father, and we can have absolute hope in that.

If you really want something in your life, you want to be rescued, you want healing for yourself or another, for a change in your financial situation, or just in any human arena or situation really, you don't have control over that. All you can do is chat with the Lord about how you feel, what you would like to happen, and sometimes, you feel a cry of your heart erupt, and in my experience, this is when the Lord is going to act, right then when you are defeated, and you don’t have any energy to put faith in what you want to happen. But He instead erupts a faith in you, a hope in you, and that hope is a done deal, something delivered. It's happened to me countless times; I've come to the end of myself, and sometimes right in that moment, or down the track or shortly after, there is a move of God in my life, and it wasn't me that made it happen or conjured it up in some fanciful or prideful way, but it was Him; it was always going to be Him. And as He knows the end from the beginning, He had always planned to do it in such a way at such a time in that very intersection of my life. When things took way longer than I was comfortable, He comforted me while He worked His works in the background, knowing He was going to provide for me according to His sovereign will in some way that in the end was exactly what I needed, when I needed it according to Him.

Be blessed, my friends, this glorious day as you have hope in the One who loves you. Your hope is in Him, just Him, and Him alone, not tithing, or fasting, or storming the gates of heaven, or prayerfully trying to twist His arm, or skilfully trying to elaborately position yourself so you can be assured of the exact outcome you have been believing for. Your hope is purely in Him who loves you, and He will give to you everything He sees fit for your life. So do not despair; just run to Jesus, let your heart always run to Him, for He is a safe harbour, He is your protection in this life, He is who you can have trust in, and this wonderful hope in—a hope that sets you free and a hope that will carry you into eternity.


Hello, my friends!

Today, I want to share a theme that struck me during my prayer time this morning, “Casting Off the Earthly Crown.” Crowns are mentioned in several parts of the Bible, like the crown of righteousness, the crown of life, and the crown of glory. We know that when we meet Jesus at the Bema seat, or Christ's Judgment seat, we'll be evaluated on whether we can receive our inheritance and rewards. For a saint walking in the spirit in their faith walk, they can be sure of keeping their inheritance and rewards. But for those who are regenerated, therefore becoming saints, and walk in the flesh all their lives, the assurance of rewards and inheritance is shaky.

Salvation can't be lost, but your inheritance and rewards can be. You'll still be part of the new earth population, where everything is amazing, but you won't rule and reign with Christ. Those who used God's gifts wisely will rule and reign with Him; the inheritance and rewards are for those that Jesus sees as good and faithful in service. This is a brief overview of that deep topic. For more in-depth insight, check out Ken Legg's series, “Salvation is Forever,” especially Session 3 – “Gift and Reward,” and Session 4 – “The Judgment Seat of Christ.”

So, crowns are important. Revelation 3:11 tells us to hold onto what we have, so no one will take our crown, and 1 Corinthians 9:27 talks about being disqualified from the race, which could mean losing the chance to get a crown. These aren't salvation issues; your salvation is paid for, in FULL, by the blood of Christ Jesus. You're a new creation, you've been redeemed in spirit, and you've been irrevocably grafted into God's family; this can't be undone. But the crown that's promised, that's available, you can be disqualified from getting one. And some people don't mind; they're like, “any part of heaven is fine by me,” but for me, I want all that's offered, all that the Lord has promised me.

Now, this could turn into a works trip, like, “I better do good for God, so I get all the goodies.” You won't make it, not for a second. You'll wear yourself out trying to earn God's approval. There's a much easier way, and that's to let God's grace, His life in you, naturally and organically live in you and through you, being worked out through your body and every thought. Grace is unforced; it's not about striving; it's not heavy; it's meant to come naturally from your new creation spirit.

So why have I called this blog “Casting Off the Earthly Crown”? It's about the pursuit, in a natural and organic way, remember “no dead works”... it's about being renewed in the mind, having the mind of Christ, and shedding worldly things. One of the biggest things to throw off is pride, bravado, you know, being someone, “being the man,” or “woman.” This is common in the world, but it's also common in the church, and in all ranks, but it's most destructive in leadership, I think.

Trying to be somebody, walking around with an earthly crown, will oppose your walk in the spirit. Your decisions will be about yourself and not kingdom-minded. So how do we cast off these earthly crowns? By putting on the new man, by casting off the old man, by taking every thought and argument captive to Christ Jesus. By constantly discarding negative thinking, by running everything through the filter of God. The Word says we should always be prayerful, and what are we praying about constantly? Well, bouncing our thoughts to Him if they're not helpful for living the life Christ gave you and walking in His spirit, having that clear mind of Christ that can hear His instructions, His will for your life, and the directions He wants you to go.

I meet a lot of people, a lot of Christians, who don't hear much from God, and I don't think it's because they aren't super prophetic or prophets; I think it's too much mind clutter, too much white noise, too much haze, too much distraction in the battlefield of the mind. Not having learned to deflect mind arguments from the mind and into the trash bin at the feet of Jesus. You know if you reject a thought enough, it eventually stops coming. The biggest problem I've had in life is feelings of rejection, and I lived out of that for many years, and it turns out that my biggest rescue and healing from that is also rejection, rejecting thoughts, rejecting carnal living, rejecting mind arguments.

All these things go together; casting off the earthly crowns is about de-priding, de-escalating from being the man or woman, becoming less, so that He, the Lord, can become more, so that He can increase, and be made manifest within you. Choosing the cheap seats, if you will, and not the places of honour. Putting away slander, putting away jealousy, putting away lewd living or lewd behaviour. And I'm not talking about becoming a puritan but letting all that holds you back and all that weighs you down be jettisoned from your life. I find often when you're changing course in life, things that you throw off are a bit like boomerangs; they come back a bit, but usually softer each time, and eventually, they stop coming.

So my encouragement today is, absolutely and totally be blessed today, my friends. Let Him who is so special in your life just minister to you today, and let Him shine a light on the areas of your life that need to be challenged, discarded, or renewed, and let His wonderful love just fill up all those areas, giving you a clear and concise sound mind, enabling you to live a life that is worthy of a crown, worthy of rewards, using all the gifts He has given you to their fullest extent. But don't be shamed by this in any way. This is not a to-do list; this should not be a burden or a works trip, just a retelling of your story, and placing your feet in places that you will be a blessing to people around you. Let your mind be filled with such wonder today, such amazement at how beautiful Jesus is and how much freedom He has for you. Truly, the life He has given you is a life worth living.


Hello, my friends!

Over the past week, the Lord has mentioned the word “whosoever” to me twice in my morning prayer time, and once He ministered the word to me in my sleep. It's interesting that parallel to this, I have hurt my back for the 10,000th time, so sitting here at the computer is possible only due to anti-inflammatories and Panadol; it sort of helps. I hurt my back in the Army, and it's been a problem my whole adult life.

So, getting back to “whosoever,” we know that this word is famous for being part of John 3:16, “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” This is, of course, one of my favourite scriptures; the Lord used it many, many times in various ways to speak to me.

One of the most significant ways is this: One night, many years ago, I was having a sort of nightmare. As I slept, I was having this dream about not being able to be close to God anymore. It was the most horrific feeling, to be separated from God. I was just in such deep anguish, weeping in this dream at this horrible reality that I was feeling—an infinitely devastating feeling of grief and loss. Then all of a sudden, I awoke, and I was lying on my back, my eye sockets were like two puddles, and the pillow on each side of my head was drenched as if I had been weeping for some time. I turned to the side to look at the clock as the two puddles of tears poured out across my face, and the clock said 3:16. My mood changed in an instant; I went from complete horror to laughing and said, “Good one, Satan,” and went back to sleep secure in the One who loves me, who would never leave me or forsake me, who died for me, whom I put my trust in many years prior to this moment.

Moving on from this encounter, up to 100 times over the next five or so years, I would often have a God dream—a good one, a prophetic one often—and the Lord would wake me up at 3:16. Often, He would wake me up at 3:16 and say something profound to me, give me a directional word, say something beautiful to me, or build me up in some way, just as Jesus can do. It was a real wonder to me for many years, and it doesn't happen these days; it was just a season. But the Lord ministers to me more when I'm awake these days, just in general—in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in my prayer room, driving the car. He will often just drop into my spirit, encouraging words, or words of knowledge for myself or for others. It's interesting how the Lord trains you in the giftings He has given you; it's really precious when you think about it.

So, getting back to the actual scripture in John, we understand that some will perish and not have everlasting life; they will cease to exist. And we know that whosoever believes that Jesus was sent to save us from ourselves, according to the Father's great love for us, which is the good news for sure. But where I want to go with this today, and I have discussed this with many people over the past few years, is that I know what it is to be a Christian, to be a saint, to be a son or a daughter of God. That's easy; I could chat with anyone for hours about all the intricacies of what that looks like, what that feels like, what the word of God tells us about that, and who we are in Christ Jesus. Once you understand the unforced rhythms of grace and how simple it actually is, and absolutely how freeing it is, you can explain it until the cows come home. It's just so deep, vibrant, and rich in goodness and beauty.

I suppose once I was what you would consider an Arminianist, which is a theology that emphasises free will and God’s prevenient grace, asserting that divine grace can be resisted and is not irresistible. I'm not in that camp. And on the other hand, I'm not a Calvinist, which emphasises the sovereignty of God, predestination, and the belief that God has preordained the salvation of certain individuals. So, where do I sit? Well, I sit in Christ, and I sit in the mystery of why I am actually a son of God, as He chose me; I didn't choose Him, so free will for me doesn't stack up, and I'll tell you why I don't believe in the Calvinistic approach either.

Even though if you read all the scriptures that lean toward a “him, but not him” type theology, like those that speak of the elect, the chosen, etc., I did lean this way once for a few months actually. But the Lord said to me one morning that it was a “pretence,” which means to make something out to be true that is not. So, on that basis, I rejected that perception of those scriptures, and now I happily sit in the middle bit, where I just know God is good, and many things are above my pay grade, and He is sovereign. So, I'll just let God be God, and I'll just preach the good news of what it is to believe in Christ Jesus and just how lovely and empowering that is.

I suppose my take on it all is that I don't know why a person doesn't become a son or a daughter of our beautiful Father in heaven, but what I do know is that He has put a work and a purpose in me that He leads me in according to His plans set out for me, and the centre of that is Christ crucified. And everywhere I go, at the Holy Spirit's leading, I talk about the good news—a news that some will resonate with, however that happens, and some will not.

In order to witness effectively, all we need to do is talk about what it is, how it feels, what our experiences are, what the word says of who we are in Christ, and what it says of who the Trinity are—the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Every now and then, we come across someone who the Lord, for some reason, has regenerated so that they can accept the good news, being then baptised, being then drenched in the Holy Spirit, and being filled with all that they will ever need for life and godliness.

Be blessed today, my friends; today is a day the Lord has made. It doesn't matter how you became a Christian, or how you got here, but what does matter is that you are, and you are full of all the potentials of Christ alone, and He has equipped you with everything you will ever need to walk this life in love, in victory, and in humility. Be blessed upon blessed today, for the Lord is good, and He is leading you in His ways everlasting.


Hello, my friends!

This morning, I was reading in Ephesians about putting off the old man and putting on the new man. We have a new man that dwells within, a new creation, but sometimes, we don't naturally operate out of that new man, that new creation. Paul was instructing the church in Ephesus not to walk in the flesh but to walk in the spirit. His instruction was along the lines of, “If indeed you are a new man, a new creation, why put on the old dead man and operate as if you weren't new at all?”

If all of my thoughts were put on display and all my ways were known to everyone, I would be seen as a pretty wobbly Christian, a terrible one, needless to say. On occasion, I’m catching myself in thoughts that stink and therefore taking them captive, and I'm often chatting with the Lord about how I want to do less of the old man's ways and way more of my new man's ways. Considering where I came from some 23 years ago now, being an addict to everything, violent, anxious, depressed, and psychotic in some mini-seasons, where psychosis set in for a bit, I think I'm pretty clean-living in contrast, but the renewing of the mind is a continuum until we go home. We are training for reigning, and we become more Christlike as we age if we are open to that reality. Don't get me wrong here, I'm not wanting to be sin-conscious, as we are called to have a righteousness conscience, whereby the Holy Spirit is convicting us of righteousness and holiness 24/7, I just love that beautiful truth.

When we are walking in the flesh or intending on going down a road that brings glory neither to God the Father nor His life in us, the Holy Spirit is the One who convicts us of His righteousness, after all, we are His (Jesus’) righteousness. This is what the check in the spirit is; it's our Father in heaven saying, “Hey son, hey daughter, you are better than that, I have a better way for you, please choose My way, your new creation way, your new man way and not the way of the old man, not the way of the flesh.”

This is why we need to have our own independent relationship with God so that we are sensitive to His leading, sensitive to His instructions, and His directing of our steps. We have Christians wrapped around us everywhere when it comes to church communities, and even though it's great to be an example of walking in the spirit or putting on the new man to each other, we need to have our own discernment about how we want to live this wonderful life Christ died to give us. The word of God is obviously a great place to meditate to help us in drawing out what so wonderfully has been placed within. Nothing needs to be added; it's not “what would Jesus do” that you live in accordance with but “what did Jesus do”, or “has done” regarding His finished work that we live out of.

The problem with sheep is that they tend to blindly follow each other, but we weren't born of God to follow each other or put people up on pedestals; we were meant to always follow our shepherd, that is Christ Jesus. We don't follow men, like Pastors, or Teachers, or Prophets; they are there to point you to Jesus and help you understand who you are in Christ, and what your identity is. They are there to go into all the world in a sense and make disciples, so you can in turn use your giftings to do the same, and so on, the power of duplication. If you make a deity out of a human, you are on shaky ground, and Paul warns against that; we only have One Deity, and that is Jesus Christ crucified. Follow Him, look to Him, He is your Good Shepherd!

I may be a terrible Christian if you were to rifle through the sum of who I am in the natural, but God sees me, and sees you as sons and daughters, and He is 100% delighted in you. He gets it; Jesus withstood all the temptations that are common to man and walked according to His Father's will through the whole lot. And as mentioned previously, we don't look at that and be like, “I need to be like Jesus,” because if you frame it like that, you will just come under condemnation, as Jesus set you free from the bondage of the law, from the bondage of rules and regulations and placed you under grace, where you have the option of letting His life be made manifest and work its way out through the members of your body, through your soul and your thoughts among the days, as opposed to letting your flesh rule the roost and letting sin reign in the members of your body and your mind.

When you stop putting on the new man each day, when you distance yourself from God, when you dissolve your prayer life, when you push your brethren away, you can end up putting on the old man, which is dead by the way, instead of the new man each day. It's easy to get once again tangled in the things of this world, and even though you are free in Christ Jesus, we can end up bringing ourselves again under heaviness and condemnation. And this is such a travesty because there is no condemnation for those that are in Christ Jesus, and you can never not be in Christ Jesus; that is a given, but you can walk carnally in this world, and it's brutal out there; it's a place of darkness. The power of grace is in your eternal position, that cannot be undone, grace does not streamline or pacify or sanctify living and walking in the flesh. Does grace abound? Yes, it does, grace upon grace, and His mercies are new every morning, but worshiping the god of this world in all of its forms inhibits the outworking of His life in you; it’s just the way it is.

Some grace preachers use the stories of Abraham to conclude that God will just bless your boots off when you are disobedient, when you lie, when you live according to what you want to do rather than live according to His life that’s in you and His plan and purpose for you, but it's just not true. Do you really want to test God, and be like a rich young man who lives loose in every way expecting his rich Father to swoop in and clean up the mess and tragedy in his wake? Most Christians will know deep down that what I am explaining here is the reality of life as a son or daughter of God. He has a plan and a purpose for each of us, He has gifts set deep inside of everyone as well, and He has a “work” for you to “walk in” that was formulated with the very thought of you before the foundations of the world. The life we have in Christ is just such a beautiful gift, and when it's lived, it's a gift that just keeps on giving.

You may feel like I do sometimes, and think if people really knew the real earthly me, they would freak out, but it doesn't matter; your Father in heaven sees you as a precious son and daughter no matter how you travel along in your journey as a saint, but there are deeper things that many Christians don't experience because they are distracted by all the shiny things, or ugly things when you think about it, of this world and getting caught up in what will vaporize at the mercy seat rather than getting caught up in God each day, the former being a sorrowful way to walk out this life.

Be blessed, my precious friends who are much loved by our Heavenly Father. This is not a post about obedience; it’s a post about being so in love with Jesus, and so in tune with His life in you, and so clearly led by the leading of the Holy Spirit, that the straight paths that the Lord has laid out for you are indeed travelled upon by you, a wobble here and a wobble there, that’s just normal, two steps forward, one step back, that’s par for the course, you just keep on swimming, you just get up each day in the brand new day set before you and say, yes Lord and Amen. His love for you never stops loving, His care for you never stops caring, and His truth and life He has given you never stops being truthful and never stops living in you, so don't delay, look into the countenance of Jesus today, and seek after Him, walk according to the wonderful new creation spirit that so graciously you are.


Hello, my friends!

When we look at the life of Jesus on this earth, particularly in His ministry years, He spent time with specific types of people. He was interested in the downcast, the downtrodden. He was interested in the poor and the prostitutes. He was interested in anyone who was lost to the brokenness of this world but withstood all who were proud, often confronting them.

This scripture we find in Psalm 37:11, and also mentioned in Matthew 5:5, has always given me comfort: “But the meek shall inherit the earth, and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace.” In recent years, since coming out of religion and into a faith in the grace of God, I have seen this to be more apparent than ever. Jesus is all about the meek, the underdog. He calls all that are His to Himself and pours out His Spirit upon them. Jesus delighted in being seen with the most unwanted human being on earth, the most dishevelled, the neediest, those that needed Him. Those that thought they didn't were mostly peripheral onlookers and naysayers.

The church is quite the mystery to me. Although there is only one church and we all are the body of Christ, there are so many different brands of Christianity with differing theologies, all calling out the others in a way for their misguided direction. Well, I suppose I fit that criteria well. My intention is not to create division but to present what I believe as the true gospel, which opposes those presenting their version of what they believe as the true gospel.

For me, the simpler the gospel message is, the more likely it's the truth. He did the work, and we live out of that work; it's pretty simple, really. The reason the gospel suits the meek is that, in regard to moving forward in any way in life and having any sense of peace and rest, you live by the motto, “You can't, but He can.” A life devoid of His absolute leading and absolute empowerment is a delusional wander through life with no payoff at the end, either because of no regeneration through unbelief or living out of self-works and bursting into heaven as though through flames.

When I first fell in love with Jesus, I would look at the world and see how backward and topsy-turvy it was. But many years later, when I had a revelation of grace, I realised how topsy-turvy the modern-day church was, with its bravado, its pursuit of buildings, possessions, prosperity, “blab it and grab it” delusions, and merit-based anticipations of God’s blessings, especially the whole tithing farce, where you pay God for favour. Oh my gosh, how imprisoning is that doctrine! Not to mention starving yourself to get God to be a better God to you. I'm more of a feaster, feasting on His wonderful love and grace for me, a love and grace I didn't earn but was His delightful gift to me.

Paul writes that we should aspire to lead a quiet life, and John writes that He must increase, but I must decrease. My friends will know that my objective is to aim for the ground, aim low, fly under the radar, and do the quiet will of God, and only allow increase if the Spirit leads, if it’s a requirement of the office I hold and the work that entails, but gently and quietly for the most part, with bits of pushback here and there when required. Being meek doesn’t mean being a wimp or living under a rock.

Just as Jesus was all about being seen with His beloved, the broken and the poor, He seeks after you, to not only be within you as a new creation via the Holy Spirit but to be seen with you as you pray, as you meditate and mine and dig through His word, as you have communion with Him, as you stop and take a breath with Him, take a stroll with Him, sit and ponder Him, and worship Him, just being seen with Him as He was and is willing to be seen with you. There isn't one person with an open heart on earth that Jesus isn't 100% willing to be seen with. He wants to be seen with you every minute of every day, and He never gets bored of you or upset with your shortcomings or how you transgress here and there. You are His beloved, and He always has abundant time to spend with you, especially in those quiet moments of the day when it is just you and Him, with no distractions, when the interference of the world is kept at bay for a moment or a period so you can marinate in His presence and let His love drip all over you.

Being seen with Jesus is the most important time of your day, the most important encounter you will ever experience. Being seen with Jesus is where your relationship with Him grows, where it blossoms, where you start to hear His voice and gain trust in that voice to guide you and embrace you and comfort you, each and every day.

You know Jesus is the King of kings, and everything on earth is under His feet. So, if your life is busy, too busy, bring it before the Lord, and tell Him, “I want to seek first the kingdom. I want to spend time with you. Help me to prioritise, help me to slow down, help me to have less on my plate, help me to fall in love with You and fall in love with just sitting with You and having real conversations with You and hearing real words from You.”

Jesus isn’t ashamed of you. He took your shame at the cross so that you could come boldly before the throne of grace and make your requests known. God is sovereign; we don’t understand His higher ways. We don’t understand how His blessing upon His saints on earth looks disproportionate through our earthly understanding, through our earthly logic, but He is just so for us and is never against us. He is compelled by His crazy love for us to lean into our lives constantly and call us to His side in worship, in prayer, and in knowing that His love for us isn’t defined by what we do, but His love for us was defined by that beautiful exchange that happened at Calvary.

Be blessed today, my friends. Keep the faith, keep on coming back to the side of Jesus, and sitting with Him, being seen with Him as He is always willing to be seen with you, no matter the circumstances of your life, or what your behaviour looks like, or what your mental state is like, or what crazy situation you are in right now. Let the weight of His glory just envelop you today as you call upon His name and let Him love you exactly as He wishes to and always has wanted to. Embrace Him today, be seen with Him.


Hello, my friends!

Feeling safe, I think, is one of the most enviable and sought-after feelings one can have, next to love. I believe, obviously, love is paramount here, as we know, “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear...” (1 John 4:18). We can be in a loving, close-knit family or community but still be afraid in some ways. All you have to do is look around the globe to see that in spades, as the world is a pretty insidious place and very uncertain, to say the least.

I volunteer for a homeless outreach a few times a month and have had my own little outreaches over the years as well. Most of what I have picked up as the primal necessity for these precious people is finding safe places to dwell. Of course, they have many needs, as diverse as the uniqueness of all the individuals that call the streets their home. But essentially, rough sleepers, or urban campers as some identify, are always looking for a little corner somewhere, preferably with a couple of walls, to feel safe at night.

There isn't a whole lot we can do to try and ensure safety as human beings on this earth. Our physical safety can be swept away in an instant by a hurricane, a tornado, a tsunami, a bushfire, a war, a financial meltdown, sickness, illness, and the list could go on for pages, really, on how unsafe we can become physically, with obviously some emotional and mental challenges thrown in to navigate as well, so safety isn't a given.

I think we can all agree, safety on any physical level isn't guaranteed in life's journey, even as a saint, which would oppose the doctrine of some prosperity preachers. We weren't guaranteed an easy life when given the guarantee of salvation through the grace of God, but we were guaranteed something far more precious than well-lined-up ducks, day in, day out.

Firstly, the Holy Spirit has put a seal on all the sons and daughters, a deposit if you like, and Jesus will come for what He purchased with His blood, either en masse in a rapture or piecemeal as saints fall asleep in Christ Jesus. This seal is the signifying mark that we are His, we are the Father's, and He is the pure source of love and safety that we won't find anywhere in the natural. You may have a loving family or loving friends, etc., but that love and safety, firstly, isn't anywhere near as loving as your Father is regarding you, an infinite love, and secondly, any feelings of safety you may have are amiss in comparison to how safe we are in the Father's arms.

Of course, experiencing and being the beneficiaries of love and safety in our human experiences are delightful and pursued at great lengths; they truly are wonderful. But the sad reality is that many saints put their pursuit of feeling loved and safe according to the human experience well before that of seeking that of their Creator, their Father in Heaven. He is the most doting Dad you will ever have, glory to God for that truth.

In order to feel safe and loved by our Father in Heaven, you need to understand two basic truths about Him. His love for you isn't dependent on your behaviour, and your security in salvation, as in your position in the kingdom of God as His son or daughter, is 100% safe. Being His child, and adopted and grafted in, is an irrevocable gift. You were once made corruptible, but now you are made as an incorruptible new creation, Amen.

A real shortcut to meditating your way into living out of these assurances is to develop a Heavenly mindset. The Word says that we are aliens on this earth, that we are a different species than the species we were when we were born of Adam, but now born of God. Our time here on earth is fleeting; it's a tiny single atom compared to all the atoms in the universe. Often you will hear saints say with some earthly anguish, “Come, Lord Jesus, Come,” as they endure the challenges of life on earth, knowing full well that there is a paradise that awaits. And I've been there in a way; you'll have to read my blog on “Being in Love with the Mysteries.” Full disclosure, I can't remember the what in the dream, but just all of the emotions, about how good it all was.

Developing a relationship with the One who loves us, and in fact loved you first, from before the foundations of the world, again, being in a wonderful deep relationship with Jesus is where we find this remarkable and deeply passionate love and feelings of safety. Knowing you are loved and safe in Christ has to come by a revelation of the same, a revelation of how wonderfully secure you are and how gloriously and abundantly loved you are.

For many years, I attended churches where their doctrine was built on what man can do with God's help, not what God can do with man's help, and often He does stuff purely via His heavenly hosts, and we haven't done a thing. He's good like that. Our futures on this earth are according to His plan and purpose, and that alone. We can make all the plans we like, but ultimately, it is He who will direct our steps. We aren't robots; Jesus wasn't. But He delighted in doing His Father's will. And I believe that is how we are meant to live, just being delighted in doing His will.

It's often said that believing in eternal security will cause someone to sin more or do whatever they want. Well, in my case, it has been the absolute opposite. I once was a drug and sex addict, and now I don't even drink. I've been celibate for 13 years, and I am more in love with walking in the Spirit now than I have ever been, and yet I believe my salvation is assured and not based on any of my behaviour, and that God will love me no more or no less regarding that.

I believe there will be an inheritance and rewards for those who live out of His will as saints, in contrast to carnal living and walking of the flesh. But again, still, this does not compel me to live the way I do. I live this way because it's my birthright to live this way; it's my identity to live this way. It's the working out through the members of my body what God has so gloriously put within me.

Be blessed today, my friends. Put on the garment of praise daily, moment by moment. Believe in the One who came for you, who justified you, who made you complete in the Father's eyes, without spot or blemish, without rot or decay. You are the beloved of the Father, and His life in you is your safety. His life in you was His heavenly kiss upon you, saying, “Come to me, all who are weary and burdened, for my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” Feel loved and safe in your Father's arms today, and rejoice in that, even though the world folds up around us, even though the grating of this world pricks our flesh, rejoice, rejoice, for He is good. He's a good, good Father, a loving and safe, glorious Father.


Hello, my friends!

This morning, I would like to explore a couple of words the Lord has been saying to me on repeat for many years. The first is “worm mouldings,” and the second is “plight of the concords.” The term “worm mouldings” started about 15 years ago and was really prominent in the first 5 years but has become less frequent over time, occurring just now and then. The phrase “plight of the concords,” which I thought for many years was “flight of the concords,” started about 10 years ago and has re-emerged in recent months. Well, both have, so my expectation is that both these words are being brought to prevalence in this coming season, whatever that looks like.

Worm mouldings (castings), often referred to as vermicast, are a type of organic fertilizer that is the byproduct of earthworm digestion. As earthworms consume and process organic matter, they produce castings that are rich in nutrients and beneficial microbes. These castings help improve soil structure, increase water retention, and provide plants with essential minerals for healthy growth. Think of them as a natural, nutrient-packed boost for your garden's soil!

Concord is a state of peaceful agreement, like things can concord together in harmony with each other. And plight, well, it sounds a bit negative, but hello, being a witness for the truth is often a hard journey, just ask the disciples and apostles, especially Stephen—an unpleasant condition, especially a serious, sad, or difficult one.

So, when I look at all this together, and when I say look, I look at it from the standpoint of being an ambassador for the gospel and the pure grace message—a message of hope that is not of ourselves but fully from God, void of dead works, just the outworking of His life, purpose, and message of truth that was born in us at the cross within our new creation spirit. So again, when I look at these words or phrases together, I see the worm mouldings as grace saints with the important message of the gospel within them, and they are spiritual fertilizer. They are equipped to help propagate and provide for good ground, good ground being the pure gospel, His wonderful freeing truth.

And the concords are also the grace saints, who concord together and are in harmony with the Father and His message, as well as with their fellow grace saints. And you might ask why I say grace saints; well, grace saints are saints that have had a revelation of God's grace, unlike many brothers and sisters who have not and still live under the condemnation of the law. They still are trying to measure up to God and live by self-merit and not from the very merit of Jesus, who so wonderfully finished His work on earth, giving us absolute freedom—a freedom that does not have any misconceptions in it, does not have a shortfall that needs to be made up somehow.

I'm a bit of a grace activist. I try not to do it often, but sometimes the Lord just lets me loose, and I call out wrong doctrine, apostasy, legalistic teaching, or religious condemnation. Part of the prophetic gifting I have is a “Watchman Gift,” and this is not a self-proclaimed thing. The Lord has mentioned it to me a bunch of times in prayer over the years, so I did a scant amount of research on it a few years back. In the Bible, a watchman is a figure of spiritual significance, often associated with prophets who are tasked with the responsibility of vigilance and warning. Prophetic watchmen are appointed by God to observe and alert others to spiritual dangers and moral decay, calling for repentance and righteousness. They stand as sentinels, guarding against threats to the community's faith and well-being while also proclaiming God's divine message. Sounds a bit epic, doesn't it?

So here I am, trying to live a meek and humble life, but God has put this gift in me, and when He presses the button on it, out comes a whole mini sermon on what grace is and what it's not. To be honest with you, I don't really enjoy that part of my prophetic posting, as it often has some blowback, and I get called a church basher, etc., but I serve the Lord foremost before I tickle the fancies of men. God all the way, my friends. A whole bunch of times, the Lord has called me a prophet, and I have no clue what that means as an office in New Testament times, but I am honoured and privileged to have been given such an important and wonderful work to do on this earth, even though it's hard at times.

If anyone has been reading my blogs, I have talked much about all the struggles I've had in life, and there will be more to explain in coming writings, but it is just so God to put crazy gifts inside of a really underwhelming person like me. I'm not real special, but all that counts is that God sees me as special, and my friends and family see bits and pieces of it.

I really think we are in the crazy finale of this church age, and the “worm mouldings” and the “concords” are going to be the shining lights as the church realises their doctrines are man-made, and their hope was in their buildings and in their dead works, and broken promises. Often end-timers will say, “Are you ready?” like, “Make sure your act is clean.” It's just rubbish; we were made clean at the cross. But do you know how we need to prepare for these end times and the coming of our Lord and all the horror that will fill this earth in the meantime? Well, find His rest, find His peace, find His tranquillity, and there you will find the solace you have been looking for all your life. That is where all the gold is, the precious metals, and the precious stones, not the wood, hay, and stubble that will be burned up in the end.

Be blessed today, my friends. If you are not yet a grace saint, all I can recommend to you is to google Ken Legg, a wonderful man of God here in Australia. He is the teller of truth you have been looking for. Watch everything you can find of his and find the peace you were grafted into, so that you too can be a grace saint, a saint that shares the pure and true gospel. And I say that with the caveat that I am not right about everything. I can be wrong, and will be wrong, and I'm sure I will, like many, have a little egg on my face when I go home because we can't possibly get everything right. But we can try at least to open our hearts and accept revelation upon revelation of just how wonderful our Jesus is and just how satisfyingly complete His finished work actually is. Be blessed upon blessed today my friends; let His kingdom and peace reign in your hearts.


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